The Benefits of Hiring Temp Nurses

As times are continuing to change, the workforce is changing also. Upon graduation, many nurses are not looking for the traditional full time job, but for jobs that allow them to practice multiple disciplines to strengthen the education that they received in school. For nurses that have experience, some are looking to try new facilities. The adds a new workforce that wasn’t available before. These additional workers can help your facility in numerous ways. Some of the benefits are listed below.

  1. Scheduling Breaks – Healthcare is too important to be short-handed. With staff getting sick, family emergencies, or childcare issues, the needs of your patients could be compromised. By utilizing a staffing agency, those positions can be filled, and patient care is not compromised. This allows for the facility to continue to run smoothly with nurses that have already been screened by the staffing agency.
  2. Time to Catch Up – Many facilities utilize temporary nurses to allow the me the opportunity to catch up on patient forms, paperwork, or any other that would normally cause a full-time employee to have to work overtime. The temporary nurse can help in getting you caught up. Temporary nurses are also great for helping you during seasonal times when absenteeism is high or seasonal illness is running rampant. Having extra nurses available ensures that your patients are receiving the highest care possible.
  3. No Obligation – Temporary nurses come with no obligation to hire them as full time employees. This allows you to figure out who fits you the best. In some situations, you may not even be looking for a full-time employee, but the fit might be so good that you will decide to keep the person. The great thing is that there is no obligation to hire the person or have them back. You have control.

There are more benefits than the three listed in this article. Medical Staffing 360 understands that each facility has unique needs, and we work with you to meet those needs. As you find yourself in need of temporary nurses, take the time to check out Medical Staffing 360.

Written By:  Medical Staffing 360 Staff